• YAML headers can be closed by three dots (...) instead of three dashes (issue 107).
  • Added missing English translations for some elements in the cosmoscope (issue 116).
  • URLs in the bibliographies of records created with reference_as_nodes are now clickable.

Bug fixes

  • Citation processing with cosma modelize --citeproc no longer fails when references_as_nodes is set to false in the configuration (issue 101).
  • Creating the user data directory with cosma --create-user-data-dir no longer fails (issue 106).



Greater control over what is shown in the cosmoscope:

  • The left and right panel can now be hidden or shown by clicking on toggle buttons (respectively at the top left and top right of the cosmoscope). Folding the right panel does not de-select the currently selected record.
  • New option: hide_id_from_record_header (default: false). When set to true, IDs are not shown in the record header in the cosmoscope.


Improved navigation in the graph view:

  • When the graph view loads, it shows the entire graph (issue 38).
  • Upon selecting a record, the graph view automatically centers on the corresponding node (issue 39).
  • If the zoom level has not been modified, the graph view automatically zooms in on the selected node. The effect scales with the graph size: bigger graphs mean a greater zoom-in effect when selecting nodes.
  • Pressing C centers the graph view on the selected node (this shortcut existed before v2.0 and had been broken since).

Other improvements:

  • The cosmoscope no longer shows empty fields in record headers (e.g. when a record does not have tags, the tags field is hidden).
  • If cosma modelize encounters an error when parsing a YAML header, it stops and indicates the name of the file in which the error was found (pull request 81 from Yann Trividic).



  • Improved the wording (and documentation) of the “views” feature, which will be called the view (singular) until we re-implement the ability for users to save views in the cosmoscope.

Bug fixes

  • Links in bibliographies now work properly again (issue 80).
  • cosma batch now generates identifiers properly again.



  • Multi-type nodes are now multi-colored in the graph, and have multiple type indicators in front of their name in the index as well as the Links and Backlinks section of records.

Bug fixes

  • Opening and closing records is no longer broken (issue 91).
  • Lists in records are no longer flush with the margin but indented. This improves the rendering of multiline list items, line breaks inside list items, etc. (issue 86)



  • Added an AUTHORS file.



  • New configuration setting: citations_as_nodes. When set to true, this setting modifies the behavior of the --citeproc option of cosma modelize, making it so that bibliographic references become nodes in the graph: each cited reference is treated as a node and each citation is treated as a link; for each cited reference, a bibliographic record is automatically generated in the cosmoscope; each bibliographic record is presented with contextualized backlinks which correspond to citations of that bibliographic reference in other records.

To use this new feature, you must do three things:

  1. set citations_as_nodes to true in the project’s configuration;
  2. define a value for references_type_label (this is a new setting introduced alongside citations_as_nodes in this release);
  3. create a record type with the same name as the value for references_type_label.

For instance:

citations_as_nodes: true
references_type_label: "référence"
    stroke: "#6C6C6C"
    fill: "#6C6C6C"

(You can replace “référence” with whatever you want.)

Then run cosma modelize --citeproc as usual to generate the cosmoscope.


  • When a record has no value for a particular metadata field (e.g. no keywords), that field is hidden from the record in the cosmoscope.




  • Links and backlinks context is now shown inline by default. This is set by the new link_context parameter in the configuration. Set link_context to tooltip instead of inline to show link context in a tooltip on hover, as in previous versions of Cosma.
  • Link type now appears between parentheses before the name of a link or backlink at the bottom of the record.


  • begin and end metadata are now known by Cosma as default metadata and do not need to be declared in record_metas

Known bugs

  • Links in bibliographies are broken due to an extra </div> tag in the href attribute (issue 80).



The graph is now displayed on an infinite canvas

The graph is no longer constrained (and truncated) by the edges of the window. This makes it possible to view graphs that are larger than the screen, without having to “shrink” the graph so that it fits the window.

We are still ironing the kinks (see Known issues below). Feedback is welcome as always.

Cosma no longer rewrites configuration files

Cosma sometimes encounters a problem when reading a configuration file (e.g. a missing parameter such as the undefined record type). Instead of silently rewriting the configuration file, Cosma now tries to fall back on internal default configuration values and displays a warning message in the terminal, with the names of the problematic configuration parameters.

Chronological mode has been simplified

Chronological mode now works in only one way: by using the values for begin and end metadata from the YAML header of records. (Future updates will provide the ability to customize chronological metadata.) The chronological_record_meta parameter is deprecated and removed from the configuration

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the visual indicator for suggestions that appear when typing into the search bar
  • Fixed the warning displayed by Cosma when attempting to create a duplicate record
  • Automatically terminate modelize when the task has been completed but the process keeps running (issue encountered on macOS)

Known issues

  • In the graph view, zooming doesn’t center on the pointer’s position
  • batch generates identifiers with extra digits (more than the expected 14), which can mess up writing setups. This doesn’t affect projects with generate_id: never, for which batch correctly generates records without identifiers



  • chronological_record_meta can be set to manual in order to use begin and end metadata from records for Chronological mode

Bug fixes

  • Links work correctly when identifiers contain spaces and/or dots
  • Type color is displayed correctly when the type name contains dots

Known bugs

  • chronological_record_meta reverts to created when set to last_edit or last_open
  • the created setting for chronological_record_meta does not work as expected



Bug fixes

  • Modelization no longer fails on Windows
  • Windows style carriage return and line feeds hidden characters (CR LF) are now parsed correctly
  • Citations are now processed as expected in backlink context tooltips



  • Manage multiple configurations (global and local)
  • Use alternative syntax for links
  • Include user-defined metadata in batch creation
  • Display user-defined metadata in records in the cosmoscope
  • Exclude certain records when generating the cosmoscope, based on types, keywords and user-defined metadata
  • Display nodes in chronological mode
  • Embed images in the cosmoscope (in base64). Supported formats: JPG, PNG
  • Use an image as default thumbnail for a record type
  • Use an image as thumbnail for a record
  • Define an outline color for node types
  • Choose between fixed size nodes and nodes proportional to their degree


  • Links in bibliography are now clickable
  • Messages displayed at command execution are more informative
  • The error and warning report is more informative
  • Keywords at the top of cards in the cosmoscope no longer overflow the layout
  • Cosma now reads directories recursively (issue #4)
  • When history: true, cosmoscopes are saved in a history subdirectory, either in the user data directory for global configurations, or in the same directory as the local configuration.

Fixed bugs

  • Link/backlink context tooltips now correctly highlight the target record (issue #23)

Known bugs

  • Citations are processed in link context tooltips but not in backlink context tooltips
  • Windows style carriage return and line feeds hidden characters (CR LF) are not parsed correctly
  • When the data comes from online CSV files, the modelize command does not terminate after generating the cosmoscope
  • If a record’s identifier is not a string of numbers, links to that record do not work
  • Links to records with spaces in their identifier are not rendered correctly in the record’s body