• chronological_record_meta can be set to manual in order to use begin and end metadata from records for Chronological mode

Bug fixes

  • Links work correctly when identifiers contain spaces and/or dots
  • Type color is displayed correctly when the type name contains dots

Known bugs

  • chronological_record_meta reverts to created when set to last_edit or last_open
  • the created setting for chronological_record_meta does not work as expected



Bug fixes

  • Modelization no longer fails on Windows
  • Windows style carriage return and line feeds hidden characters (CR LF) are now parsed correctly
  • Citations are now processed as expected in backlink context tooltips



  • Manage multiple configurations (global and local)
  • Use alternative syntax for links
  • Include user-defined metadata in batch creation
  • Display user-defined metadata in records in the cosmoscope
  • Exclude certain records when generating the cosmoscope, based on types, keywords and user-defined metadata
  • Display nodes in chronological mode
  • Embed images in the cosmoscope (in base64). Supported formats: JPG, PNG
  • Use an image as default thumbnail for a record type
  • Use an image as thumbnail for a record
  • Define an outline color for node types
  • Choose between fixed size nodes and nodes proportional to their degree


  • Links in bibliography are now clickable
  • Messages displayed at command execution are more informative
  • The error and warning report is more informative
  • Keywords at the top of cards in the cosmoscope no longer overflow the layout
  • Cosma now reads directories recursively (issue #4)
  • When history: true, cosmoscopes are saved in a history subdirectory, either in the user data directory for global configurations, or in the same directory as the local configuration.

Fixed bugs

  • Link/backlink context tooltips now correctly highlight the target record (issue #23)

Known bugs

  • Citations are processed in link context tooltips but not in backlink context tooltips
  • Windows style carriage return and line feeds hidden characters (CR LF) are not parsed correctly
  • When the data comes from online CSV files, the modelize command does not terminate after generating the cosmoscope
  • If a record’s identifier is not a string of numbers, links to that record do not work
  • Links to records with spaces in their identifier are not rendered correctly in the record’s body