Cosma’s development is cyclical: we get a bit of funding, work on ideas, develop them, then go back to sleep. This page describes what we are currently working on, what we plan to do, and what we may work on in the future. You can check what was eventually released by visiting the Changelog. To receive a notification when we publish a new version of Cosma, subscribe to the cosma-annonces mailing list.


As of June 2024, we have started a new development cycle.

These are things we are currently working on and should appear into upcoming releases:


These are things we plan to do in future development cycles:

Maybe next?

Here are things we are discussing and may work on in the future:

  • Use different spatialization algorithms
  • Handle graph issues like broken links, loops, etc.
  • Expose graph data in a dedicated pane akin to the “Bibliographic data” one
  • Allow menu and record pane width to be adjusted
  • Allow the “Links” and “Backlinks” sections to be sorted by record type
  • Allow links to entities stored in a data file (e.g. a list of countries)
  • Take into account subdirectory structure (display the index as a tree, filter records by subdirectory, etc.)
  • Support syntax to include SVG figures and CSV-based tables
  • Support org-mode syntax
  • Parse Zettlr-style tags (issue 40)
  • Add functionality based on ontologies, such as inferring links
  • Add functionality based on graph properties, such as finding and displaying paths between two files if any
  • Add functionality based on large language models, such as a conversational search interface
  • Create a software-as-a-service version of Cosma