These are things we are currently working on and should appear into upcoming releases:


These are things we plan to do in future development cycles:

Maybe next?

Here are things we are discussing and may work on in the future:

  • Use different spatialization algorithms
  • Expose graph data in a dedicated pane akin to the “Bibliographic data” one
  • Allow menu and record pane width to be adjusted
  • Allow the “Links” and “Backlinks” sections to be sorted by record type
  • Allow links to entities stored in a data file (e.g. a list of countries)
  • Add project data conversion from CSV to Markdown and vice versa
  • Take into account subdirectory structure (display the index as a tree, filter records by subdirectory, etc.)
  • Support syntax to include SVG figures and CSV-based tables
  • Support org-mode syntax
  • Parse Zettlr-style tags (issue 40)
  • Add functionality based on ontologies, such as inferring links
  • Add functionality based on graph properties, such as finding and displaying paths between two files if any
  • Add functionality based on large language models, such as a conversational search interface